Trend Micro Safe Sync!

Online Storage & Backup (Trend Micro)

My blogging, family, and friend pictures and videos are super important, and at times, I've lost them all!  I typically store everything on my home computer and take for granted that people can access these items without my consent or knowledge.

A great way to protect these memories, work at home mom, memoirs, publications, videos, and other things you hold dear is to back them up with Trend Micro Safe Sync.

The part that's awesome about this product is that you can sync all your devices to it and store your necessary files from these devices with it!

Its a good investment, easy to use, and install!

SafeSync Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS let you access and share all your music, videos, pictures and documents that you have protected using SafeSync.

SafeSync app features:

* Access all your files secured on SafeSync
* Watch all your videos
* Listen to all your music
* Directly upload photos and videos
* Even works offline*

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The face wax strips are $4.49 at Rite Aid.  
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May Walgreens Coupon Book (can be found in Walgreens) 

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Rite Aid

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Free $5+UP on Allergy Relief Products

Combine With...

12 Load Wisk Stain Spectrum 
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Its also 
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