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Wicked Useful Grocery & Beauty Coupons!


Coupon Savings & Free Samples!


Free Tampons - Playtex, OB & Tampax


Free Kashi Cereal Bars


Listia - Free Yu Gi Oh Cards!

I've been participating in free auctions to get Yu Gi Oh cards for the holidays for my son.  These auctions are free and there are many items people are trying to part with.  They often offer free shipping.  Just make sure the listing you are participating in has free shipping.  They also have Gameboy games and other items that make good gifts for the holidays for your kids, adults, and anybody on your list.

Refer friends, and that's how you get your points.  You can also get rid of your unwanted items this way and use those points to get stuff for your kids or other people on your shopping list.  They have Pokemon cards and other collectors cards, too!

There's cosmetics, school supplies, and anything else you can imagine there like movies, books, shampoo, anything! 

Sign up for Listia and get free credit to bid.  Its totally free!  You get 100 points just to sign up!
Each friend you refer = 200 credits + 20% of credits they earn on their first auction.

Online Jobs for Teens

Do you have a teen, or are you a teen from 13 - 17, who would like to do some work online in your spare time for checks, gift cards, prizes, and other cool swag?

Look no further, kiddies.  Its hard for adults to find employment right now, never mind being a high school student with time limitations, school, and no experience.  Here are some great ways to earn money, prizes, and a good way to get some holiday gifts for your family and friends this year!

Survey Panels These panels pay cash, gift cards, and the option of prizes if you would rather have them.

Survey Savvy Panel Polls Toluna Global Test Market Kids Opinions E-Poll Surveys

Earn money taking surveys, entering codes, and simply using swagbucks as a search engine.
Swagbucks Free Books for Writing Assignments and More! 
Random Buzzers is a fun teen book community where you can score free books, chat with authors, share reviews and more – all of which earn you Buzz Bucks. You can cash in those Bucks for all kinds of priz…