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I'm Back! Save on Utilities!

I haven't been online due to working and the summer and other personal obligations in my life so I want you guys to know, I'm still alive, I'm here, and I am going to make more of an effort to post more often.

I recently switch to greener energy delivery.  I didn't have to change electricity companies or providers.  You just call and switch suppliers and your rate will be lower.  Believe me, you'll notice a difference!  My bill with the constant A/C blaring during the summer is almost $20 cheaper this year per month!

You don't need a new meter or any stupid equipment installed either, nothing is more annoying than switching providers and waiting for installations and all that junk.

I switched to North American Power, but I recently received an ad in the mail for over a penny cheaper to switch to Next Era Energy.

If you do the 100% sustainable energy, its not always cheaper, but even 25% sustainable energy helps.  Ever little bit improves the state of the envir…