I'm Back! Save on Utilities!

I haven't been online due to working and the summer and other personal obligations in my life so I want you guys to know, I'm still alive, I'm here, and I am going to make more of an effort to post more often.

I recently switch to greener energy delivery.  I didn't have to change electricity companies or providers.  You just call and switch suppliers and your rate will be lower.  Believe me, you'll notice a difference!  My bill with the constant A/C blaring during the summer is almost $20 cheaper this year per month!

You don't need a new meter or any stupid equipment installed either, nothing is more annoying than switching providers and waiting for installations and all that junk.

I switched to North American Power, but I recently received an ad in the mail for over a penny cheaper to switch to Next Era Energy.

If you do the 100% sustainable energy, its not always cheaper, but even 25% sustainable energy helps.  Ever little bit improves the state of the environment and doesn't tap into resources we may some day run out of so, if you are saving money, also, why not!

Ok, so here's a little list and the areas they cover in the United States.

North American Power

Next Era Energy

New Leaf Energy - Green Energy for Texas Residents

Fairpoint Energy - 100% Wind Energy Power

New England People's Power - New England, New York, and District of Columbia (Washington, DC)

Glacial Energy 20 states (partnerships with 50 different utility companies)

ENH Power - New Hampshire

Georgia Power - Georgia Residents

Clean Currents - Wind Power (Electricity) for Maryland, District of Columbia (Washington, DC) & Pennsylvania

Constellation Energy - Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia (Washington, DC), New York & New England (not Maine)

Tennessee Valley Authority - Tennessee, Kentucky & Alabama

N Star - Massachusetts

First Choice Power - Texas

Northeast Clean Power - Connecticut

Con Edison Solutions - Connecticut, New York, Maryland & Pennsylvania

Champion Energy Services - Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Ohio

Seattle City Light - Seattle, Washington (Washington State)

The People's Power - Eugene, Oregon

Palmetto Electric - South Carolina

Your Family Energy - New York

Accent Energy - Dynowatt - Texas & New York

It took me forever to compile that list.  I tried to be thorough, but it seems harder to find companies in the midwest and on the west coast.

I hope that's due to the fact that their local energy companies have already transitioned to using partial or all green energy.  I did my best :)