House Party Gives You a Reason to Celebrate!

Anybody want to be referred? House Party is a website that sends you free stuff to do free parties with various themes. Sometimes its a show, sometimes a beauty product, household product, or often times, food. I am hosting a Sargento Potato and Salad finisher party very soon. I have free bowls, plates, vouchers for free lettuce as well as the toppings and garnishments for the salads and potatoes. I was also sent free forks and knives, several refrigerator planners, and two trivets for the salads to be placed on.

In the past, I have hosted Method cleaning product parties as well as Habbo Hotel parties and television show kickoff parties. All this stuff is free and it comes from companies to the consumer to pass it on, so to speak, they give you swag, you advertise to your friends, neighbors, and family.

Other kinds of parties I have had for other consumer panels include teeth whitening, Nutella Hazelnut spread, and so much more, I don't even remember, but they give you free product and coupon savings in the future for like everyone you know!!! Its not like one of those companies where you have to sell crap and end up buying it all yourself, this stuff is just given free as a benefit of you pumping it to your circle of people!

I think its a pretty sweet deal, and its very easy. Everything is just shipped to your doorstep and you're good! There are ongoing events pretty much all the time!

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