Recycle Bank Offers Points Towards Freebies for Referring Friends.

Being Green, Savings Money, 
Getting Free Food, Coupons & Gift Cards for recycling? 
Sound crazy, well, you can do it every day. 
Yup, get stuff for your trash!!!

Also, pledge to recycle your ziplock bags (there are codes on the boxes) & earn points!

Kashi Cereals Have Codes on the Box, too to earn points for recycling!

Help bring rewards for recycling to your community

If your community isn't part of the Recyclebank Home Recycling Rewards program, let your local government officials or waste hauler know you want to be rewarded.

There are letters to download on the Recycle Bank website under Home Recycling!

Free stuff for your trash!  
Sounds like a deal to me!!!

Earn up to 200 Recyclebank Points (and in some cases, cash!) when you send in your old electronics for recycling/reusing at

 To earn points for recycling your used electronics:

  1. Search for your device - Visit to check if your device is recyclable through our program using the manufacturer or model number (ex: Razr, BlackBerry 8320, Motorola, iPhone). Currently the program accepts cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, Apple laptop computers, digital cameras, video game consoles, video games and GPS devices
  2. Get a points quote - Answer a few questions to get the real-time trade-in value for your device. Then, provide some contact information, and you’re ready to ship.
  3. Ship it for free - Print out the free pre-paid postage for your device and send it in to receive your points. From iPods to digital cameras, and cell phones to game systems, your devices can help you earn Recyclebank Points. 
 Your devices will be re-used, recycled, or responsibly disposed of, and they'll stay out of the landfill. Every device earns at least 10 points!

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