Soda Stream - Make Your Own Soda At Home!

I received a Soda Stream machine from Buzzagent, and I am going to review it right here, because its awesome! First of all, imagine how psyched I was to receive this machine in the mail!???

It brings back the nostalgia of when I was a kid and there were a few soda fountains left, like the one at my local neighborhood drugstore. It makes me think of the retro stools, the Shirley Temple's, and the custom flavor you just can't get in a bottle or a box.

This machine is great! For about five bucks, you can buy flavoring that can create cola, lemon-lime flavors, even grapefruit, which my son loves! You can even purchase containers to take on the go with you so you can enjoy your beverage anywhere! They come in various sizes, but the machine does come with one container to "brew" your soda in!

This is a fun activity for your kids any time! If its raining out and there is nothing to do, have a soda making contest, or a taste test! They will love it! You can play "soda shop". For $5 a flavor, which might I add, lasts forever, its your call!

You can purchase flavors at Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Its pretty much a soda for a quarter if you break down the costs. Its environmentally friendly as you are not purchasing soda cans all week long! There is nothing to throw away other than the flavoring bottles, which are plastic and can be recycled.

Here are some of your flavoring options, pretty sweet, if I say so myself!

Sparkling Naturals - Apple Mango
Sparkling Naturals - Black Currant Pear
Sparkling Naturals - Cola
Sparkling Naturals - Ginger Ale
Sparkling Naturals - Pink Grapefruit
Sparkling Naturals - Root Beer
Sparkling Naturals - Lemon Lime
Sparkling Naturals - Orange Pineapple
Sparkling Naturals - Green Tea

Cherry Cola
Diet Cola
Diet Cola Caffeine Free
Cola Free - (compare to Coke Zero®)
Cranberry Raspberry
Diet Cranberry Raspberry
Cream Soda
Diet Cream Soda
Dr. Pete - (compare to Dr. Pepper®)
Diet Dr. Pete - (compare to Diet Dr. Pepper®)
Energy Drink - (compare to Red Bull®)
Diet Energy Drink - (compare to Sugar Free Red Bull®)
Fountain Mist - (compare to Mountain Dew®)
Diet Fountain Mist - (compare to Diet Mountain Dew®)
Ginger Ale
Diet Ginger Ale
Green Tea
Green Tea Citrus
Diet Green Tea Citrus
Green Tea Mixed Berry
Diet Green Tea Mixed Berry
Green Tea Pomegranate Peach
Diet Green Tea Pomegranate Peach
Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi
Diet Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi
Lemon Iced Tea
Diet Lemon Iced Tea - *BACK IN STOCK MID JULY*
Diet Lemon Iced Tea
Lemon Lime - (compare to Sprite®)
Diet Lemon Lime - (compare to Diet Sprite®)
Diet Lemonade
Diet Orange
Orange Mango
Diet Pink Grapefruit (compare to Fresca®)
Root Beer
Diet Root Beer
Peach Iced Tea
Diet Peach Iced Tea

Sodamix Variety 12 pack

MyWater Flavor Essence - Lemon Lime
MyWater Flavor Essence - Raspberry
MyWater Flavor Essence - Mint
MyWater Flavor Essence - Orange
MyWater Flavor Essence - Variety 3 pack

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