Garnier Fructis Affordable B.B. Cream!

Some of you may have heard about the new make-up craze involving B.B. cream.  I have wanted to try it for a long time, and my opportunity presented itself via  I've been a Buzz Agent for years and I couldn't believe when I was asked to join this campaign, yay!  I was going out to buy Garnier B.B. Cream, anyhow, but getting it for free and sharing it with all of you is just an awesome added bonus!

 BB cream, also known as Blemish Balm was primarily sold in the recent past in Asia.  BB Cream is awesome, so its been expanded to the European and North American Market!  Its original purpose was for dermatologists to protect, soothe, and beautify laser surgery recipient's skin.  It was developed and is known for its anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and soothing effects. It seems to have a skin "whitening" property in it to even out your skin tone and keep it looking youthful without changing your natural skin hue.  It helps with acne, wrinkles, and problem scars. It can be used under foundation or as a light foundation on its own!  Sunblock is built into the product.

B.B. Cream helps with discoloration, dullness, blotchiness, and dryness.  Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream treats all these issues with just one multi-benefit product that combines intense moisturizing skincare and immediate skin perfecting coverage for a result in your skin that's even, radiant, and smooth!

All you need to do is apply Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream to your face and neck before stepping out into the to sun.  It will protect your skin as well as enhance your appearance all with just one product! 

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BB Cream is available on for just $10.39!

Its affordable, and it works great, so definitely try it out!  It provided light coverage to my pale skin and covered and brightened the necessary areas and if it could make me look alive and pretty when I had my appendix out the day before yesterday and I look drained, imagine what it can do for you!?