Cleaning Coupons & Tips on Saving Money!

Before I share coupons with you, I'm going to share a secret I like to use.

To make a steam cleaner run on fluid that doesn't cost about $13, you can make your own!
  1. Add about 3 tsp. of vinegar to some hot water in your cleaner's water tank. 
  2. Add a tsp. of baking soda to your water and vinegar mix.  
  3. Only add small amounts or the reaction between the two household cleaners will crack the plastic!
Voila, watch the magic happen.  It smells wonderful, too.  The vinegar smell dissipates when it dries, and it disinfects and deep cleans!  The baking soda lifts tough dirt and suds, working on deep dark stains that need to be broken up!  So, don't fear the vinegar.  You won't smell it the next day or when it dries.