My Blog Spark Review - Progresso New Light Soups!

My Blog Spark sent me a package so that I might experience the deliciousness of Progresso New Light Soup flavors.  They send me a can of creamy potato, broccoli, and cheese light soup as well as chicken pot pie light soup, two deliciously classic flavors that I can tell you are two of the best tastes I have savored in quite some time.

In addition, they sent me a roomy and cute blue and orange trellis make-up bag with a flip brush, which I am always happy to have.  If you know me, you know I have more make-up than Hollywood, lol.  Anyway, these soups fit into a healthy diet and are a good treat when you are craving something cheese and creamy that may otherwise spoil your diet.  They are also hearty treats for your family and a good lunch or light dinner paired with a little snack like some yogurt pops or something else healthy.

Good stuff!  They have my vote!
There are 40 new flavors for 100 calories or less.
Chicken Pot Pie Soup and Potato, Broccoli,  and Cheese both have 100 calories.  Half a can is worth 2 Weight Watcher's points so you could eat a whole can for just 4 points!  Now, take that to the bank, lol, if you bank points.  They come in convenient tabbed peel off topped cans and come complete with Box Tops for Educations, moms, grandparents, and teachers :). 

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